The Invincible Voices Collection – The covers are here!

Shorts Shorts cover Medium Shorts cover Long Shorts cover

How do you like the look of the book covers for the Invincible Voices short stories collection? I am busily working together with Matador (part of the Troubador group) on these publications (currently at the typesetting stage). The three books should hopefully be out by January/February 2017. I think Athena Estrada’s illustrations look fab!

The stories are for children by children; they contain first-hand concepts that children want to read about because children have chosen to write them. With a skilled teacher to guide them (that’s me!), the children are inspired to come up with their own ideas, then helped to shape, structure, organise and develop them so that they evolve into more professional pieces. The result of such an approach is a unique style, a hybrid product of adult and child’s voice. The stories possess the spirit and originality of a child’s creative ideas, but with the polish and flair of an experienced writer (me again!).



    Please advise-Will these be available in the United States? Athena is my great niece and I would love
    to purchase these, as would many members of our very large family.
    Thank you…
    Janice Pinkerton

    • admin

      Hi Janice
      The books are available to purchase directly from the publisher’s online store
      I shall check with them tomorrow if they ship out to the US.
      If not, I have stock at home which I can send out to you myself.
      So glad to think that the books will be on shelves out there in America. I know there is already a set in my friend’s classroom in Australia so the books are already well travelled!
      Athena’s cover illustrations are fantastic, aren’t they? She and Despina also have more illustrations and stories included in all three volumes of the books so I am sure you and your family will love them.
      Thanks for your interest and enthusiasm.
      Best wishes

    • I have just checked with the publishers (Troubador)and if you purchase directly from their online bookstore, they will ship the books out to America.
      You can click on the ‘buy it now’ tab at the bottom of my website homepage, or go to the ‘bookshop’ tab on the menu bar and follow the links to the Troubador bookshop.
      This link should also direct you there:
      Let me know how you get on.
      Best wishes

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