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Zoe Antoniades was born in West London of Greek Cypriot parents. She graduated from the University of Hull with a degree in English and Drama and later trained as a teacher at the Institute of Education (UCL).

Zoe has taught in Lambeth and Hounslow specialising in English and the arts; working on a wide range of creative projects in partnership with the Southbank Centre, the Royal Albert Hall, the Young Vic and Polka Theatre, Music for Youth and Film Club.

Zoe writes collaboratively with young people and has published four anthologies of short stories: Invincible VoicesLong Shorts, Medium Shorts, Short Shorts and Winter Shorts. Zoe has also written a memoir, Tea and Baklavas which won the Winchester Writers’ Festival Memoir Prize.

Now signed with Andersen Press, Zoe has written the hilarious and heartwarming series about London-Cypriot twins,               Cally & JimmyTwins in Trouble, Twintastic, Twins Together and Twinseparable. Zoe narrates these books for Audible too.


Zoe also works as a workshop leader providing interactive reading and writing classes and author talks online as well as visiting schools and appearing at libraries, bookshops, festivals and events nationwide and even in Cyprus.

A bit more about Zoe, Cally & Jimmy

Zoe Antoniades – Workshop Content

Testimonials – Zoe’s Author Visits


To order Invincible Voices Books please email zoe@invinciblevoices.org


  • Rafail

    Are u going to come to the Grammar Junior school in Nicosia, Cyprus, my school?

  • Harvey aged 7

    I enjoyed our video call today with my class. I really like your Twins in Trouble book, and the last story of Twintastic, and I’m really excited for your new book being edited now to come out!

    • Zoe Antoniades

      I really enjoyed my virtual visit today too and I hope to get the new books out to you really soon. Happy reading, and thanks for saying such kind and enthusiastic things. All the best. Zoe 🙂

  • Ayan

    you have come to heston school

    • Zoe Antoniades

      Yes I did. I enjoyed my visit very much and Cally & Jimmy had a great time sharing their stories with you all and meeting you all too 🙂

  • Lola Heath 💖

    I 💖 Cally and Jimmy it’s THE BEST!!!!! I relate sooooooo much to Cally I have brown hair , I’m in red House at school and I’m TERRIFIED of spiders……….oh and I have a quite annoying brother keep up the good work!!!!!! Oh I’m also almost 10!!!!

  • Andrea

    My daughters absolutely love your Cally and Jimmy series. They are 9 and 7 years old. They have listened to the books over and over again on audible. I often hear them giggling at the funny parts. Annie says her favourite part is when Cally says ‘whoopdeedo!’ Do have any more books coming out soon?

    • Zoe Antoniades

      Ha ha. Cally is quite funny isn’t she in her disdain for Jimmy. She loves him really though. I’m so glad your daughters love the books. I’m very pleased to say there will be a new book out 1st August 2024 🙂

  • Jannat

    Zoe Antoniades hi Zoe it is jannat from westbrook hounslow in year 2 bye i loved the book that you were reading.

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